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Surgically Clean Air's Purification Systems

One of the World's Most Advanced Premium, Commercial-Grade Air Purification Systems

SCA Products

Air Purification Systems

High-tech air purification systems with premium features! Designed for seamless integration, energy efficiency and maximized air flow while delivering quiet operation. Its built-in sensors proactively monitor the surroundings and clean the indoor air when needed.


A sleek, high-efficiency commercial air purifier. It seamlessly blends in, thanks to its low-profile design, while its advanced multi-stage filtration system ensures clean air. Set it and forget it with the proximity sensor for hands-off operation. Experience premium, quiet, and energy-efficient air purification with built-in sensors for optimal indoor air quality.

gts air purification for condos
gts air purification for wasteroom

SCA Heavy Duty
Odor Eater

The solution to condo waste and organic room odors. With its six-stage filter system it will elevate the air quality and well-being of your condo residents. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and enhance your condo living experience with GTS and Surgically Clean Air Inc.™ 


The Jade 2.0 air purification system is a sophisticated and efficient solution for enhancing indoor air quality in residential settings. Through its multi-stage filtration technologies, it ensures the removal of viruses, pathogens, airborne particulates, and pollutants, delivering fresh, clean, and rejuvenating air. Its whisper-quiet operation ensures minimal disruption, making it suitable for any living space.

With installations in over 50,000 dental and medical offices across North America, this air purification system is trusted by condo homeowners looking for cleaner and healthier indoor air.

gts-sca air purification for home


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