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Surgically Clean Air's JADE Air Purifier

One of the World's Most Advanced Standalone, Premium, Commercial-Grade Air Purifiers

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JADE 2.0

The JADE Air Purifier (SCA5000C) from Surgically Clean Air is among the world's most advanced standalone, premium, commercial-grade air purifiers.

  • Removes harmful particles, pollutants and airborne contaminants

  • Removing pollutants can increase alertness & mental energy 

  • Removing pollutants can increase productivity

  • Removing pollutants can reduce absenteeism

  • ​Minimize facility odors

  • Reduce residents anxiety

  • Protect equipment from harmful dust build

  • Protect over over 50,000 dental and medical offices 


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Sleek, contemporary, majestic and modern, The JADE™2.0 comes in a beautiful snow-white or matte black coloring, designed to be aesthetically pleasing in any setting.



Engineered to maximize the rate of air changes. With the strength to provide purified, re-energized air in large rooms makes it perfectly suited for medical, commercial, or residential environments.


Wall Mount

A secure, sleek wall bracket provides the flexibility of mounting the JADE™2.0 onto any wall. *Wall bracket must be purchased separately




Built from the highest quality premium steel and robust technologies.



Utilizing powerful, multi-stage filtration technologies which remove airborne particulates, pathogens and pollutants giving you fresh, clean and re-energized air. The HEPA-RX filter removes >99.9% of airborne pathogens* at 300 cfm. 


Whisper-Quiet Operation

 Operates near silently, allowing for a peaceful environment.

Air purifier for condo

Who Can Benefit from the Jade 2.0 

JADE presents an excellent option for various residential and commercial settings where the well-being of occupants takes precedence. This encompasses:

  1. Home and Residential Spaces: JADE contributes to a healthier living environment, promoting the well-being of residents.

  2. Offices: By effectively purifying the air, JADE can help businesses reduce absenteeism, boost productivity, and establish a more health-conscious workspace.

  3. Schools and Universities: Educational institutions can foster a safer and healthier learning atmosphere for both students and faculty members with JADE's air purification.

  4. Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities can uphold a cleaner and more secure environment for patients and healthcare professionals using JADE.

  5. Retail Spaces: Shopping malls, supermarkets, and other retail establishments can elevate the customer experience by offering cleaner, fresher air through JADE's air purification solutions.

Breathe Pure. Breathe Healthy 

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Air purification unit Jade 2.0 price

  • Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price : $1,295 + HST

  • Limited-Time Pricing : Only $970 + HST



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