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GTS are trained air system cleaners and mould remediation technicians offering in-suite and building-envelope services to property managers and condominium owners across the Greater Toronto Area. We clean appliances, ducts, and vents to improve the quality of your home’s indoor air and enhance safety, durability, and energy efficiency. 

GTS replaces aging units with state of the art technology that brings indoor air quality into the twenty-first century.  Our technicians have the experience and expertise to safely remove mouldy surfaces and failing parts according to strict government guidelines. We install high performing new age insulation, ultra efficient motors that can cut energy consumption by a third, digital thermostats for precise temperature control and stainless steel drain pans with overflow switches for enhanced summer flood protection. 


With GTS fan coil replacement, you’ll breathe easier. We deliver cleaner, fresher air, superior comfort and significant energy savings and the great thing is, we get this all DONE IN A DAY!


Property Damage

Costly flooding, ruining your home and potentially your neighbours homes below as well. A new stainless steel drain pan and float sensor will protect you and your neighbours below.



Your home is either too hot or too cold because of an old thermostat, motor or clogged coil. Simple to use digital thermostat, new coil and motor will give you the temperate air flow you’ve always wanted.


Poor indoor air quality due to exposed fibreglass and mould growth in your fan coil. New closed cell insulation is mould resistant giving you healthier air to breathe now and into the future.


Energy Savings

Inefficient older motors use as much as 3x’s the energy as new ECM motors, clogged coils reduce airflow and cause motors to run longer and harder. Efficient motors, clean coils and actuators will significantly reduce your energy consumption.


Shopping Around Keep the Following in Mind:

Your health and wellbeing is at the top of OUR list!! Here is how we keep you and your loved ones safe while we work. While interviewing contractors, please insist that they meet the essential requirements below.

  • GTS follows the Environmental Abatement Council of Ontario's strict guidelines and completes the remediation and disinfecting of the fan coil cabinet under “level 2” negative air containment. It wouldn't be nice of us to spread the mould and fibreglass around your home!


  • GTS carries a $5 million pollution insurance policy, companies liability insurance policies do NOT cover mould accidents!


  • GTS sells fan coils that are either ETL or CSA approved, if a non approved fan coil unit caught fire or caused a flood your home insurance will not cover the damages!


  • GTS highly recommends using only closed cell Insulation treated with an antimicrobial agent which helps to ensure mould does not start growing again. A new fan coil unit installed with fibreglass insulation will allow mould to affect your homes air quality AGAIN!


Create Your
Dream Air

Let’s Discuss Your Next Project to CREATE YOUR DREAM AIR

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