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Surgically Clean Air's Cascade Air Purifier

Save up to 25%


Why Cascade Air Purification is Ideal for Your Condo:

  • Specially designed six-stage filter system by SCA for waste rooms, effectively eliminating odors.

  • Enhance the overall air quality, reducing stress for condo residents.

  • Versatile usage; ideal for purifying air in gym lobbies and other shared spaces.

  • Surgically Clean Air's purification system upgrades waste room air quality.

  • Comes with a 1-year warranty, ensuring cleaner and healthier living.

  • Condo waste rooms are essential, but persistent odors can be unbearable and affect health.

  • Our solution effectively combats the odor issue caused by VOCs, promising a fresh and healthy condo environment

Air purifier for garbage room by gts services

SCA Cascade

High-tech air purification systems with premium features! Designed for seamless integration, energy efficiency and maximized air flow while delivering quiet operation. Its built-in sensors proactively monitor the surroundings and clean the indoor air when needed.

Air purifier wasteroom


Air purifier get rid of odors

Holiday Deals

Cascade  Air Purification Unit

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price : $4,995 + HST 

 Receive a 25% discount holiday offer 

- Limited-Time Pricing : $3,750 + HST 


- You can lease in for 5 years Starting at $119.99/ Mth

Includes filter change twice per year activated charcoal .(Lease program)

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