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PURETEK: HVAC Management & Reporting by GTS Services

HVAC Management

Managing a condominium property comes with its own set of challenges, especially during in-suite maintenance season.

At GTS Services, we understand the importance of effective communication, meticulous record-keeping, and staying organized in your role. That's why we developed PURETEK over 8 years ago, an online tool tailored to make your job easier and more efficient.

hvac management and reporting system by gts services
Let's explore how PURETEK can help you in HVAC Management and Reporting, making your tasks more efficient and saving you valuable time.

PURETEK is like having your trusty HVAC Hero sidekick by your side, dedicated to managing the status of your property's in-suite HVAC and exhaust systems. Crafted with your needs in mind, this special tool was developed over eight years ago and boasts an array of exceptional features:

1. Super-Detailed Reports

Imagine having access to comprehensive reports detailing every piece of HVAC and exhaust equipment in each suite. These reports include suite numbers, images, and identified deficiencies, offering you an unprecedented level of insight.

2. Effortless Booking

With PURETEK, you and homeowners can effortlessly schedule repair, maintenance, and replacement services online through our "Request An Appointment" button on our homepage. This streamlined process ensures that issues are resolved promptly, leaving everyone satisfied.

3. In-Depth Equipment Knowledge

PURETEK empowers you to stay informed about all the equipment within your property. You can easily track equipment locations, making it a breeze to plan for repairs, refurbishments, or replacements. Additionally, it keeps you updated on all maintenance inspections and necessary repairs.

4. Progress Tracking

Ever wondered which suites have received service and which ones still require attention? PURETEK allows you to stay in the loop about what's happening in your property. Log into your portal to monitor completed tasks, ongoing issues, and units awaiting service.

simplify property management tasks by gts services

Let's see how it can help you through a real-life scenario.

To illustrate PURETEK's effectiveness, consider a recent fall HVAC preventative maintenance job. Upon completion, we promptly provided a summary report detailing the fan coils serviced, any identified deficiencies, and a list of units blocked the morning after the job's completion. Within a week, our customer received packages for every suite with deficiencies, including images and an order form for required repair work.

Our Commitment

At GTS Services, our primary goal is to offer you and your property owners the best in-suite service possible. PURETEK isn't just a HVAC Management and Reporting system; it's your secret weapon for reclaiming your valuable time. It not only keeps your residents content but also ensures they are well-informed about their equipment.

Become your building's HVAC Hero today by partnering with GTS Services and leveraging PURETEK for your next HVAC preventive maintenance or exhaust cleaning job. Your journey to hassle-free property management begins here.

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