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Here's what you need to know about noisy HVAC systems in condo living.

noisy HVAC unit in condo

It has been reported recently that many condo owners in Toronto have been bothered by loud noises coming from their HVAC systems. These noises can be annoying and disruptive, like sharp bangs or annoying clicks. This article will help you understand and address these issues.

It is important to note that every condo has a different heating and cooling system. Therefore, the problems and solutions can vary. The best way to determine the exact problem in your condo is to consult with a licensed HVAC technician who can inspect it.

7 Common Noise Problems Reported by Condo owners

1- Noise When You Turn On the Thermostat

If you have a Fan Coil System in your condo, the noise might be caused by a stuck part like an actuator or valve. These parts control the flow of hot or cold water in the system, leading to constant sharp or banging sounds.

2- Rattling When the Fan Starts:

This noise often has to do with the blower fan motor. It can be because of worn-out bearings, which cause grinding or buzzing sounds. Sometimes, loose parts in the motor can make rattling noises. Replacing the motor or housing can fix this.

3- Noise Comes and Goes:

If your condo uses a heat pump system, the clicking noise when the compressor turns on and off is normal. However, if you hear rattling or vibration, it could be due to mechanical issues, low refrigerant, or electrical problems. Fixing this might be costly, so consult a pro before making any replacements.

4- Noise When the System is Off:

Surprisingly, this problem might not be related to the HVAC system but to trapped air in the plumbing. When water flows through pipes, it can cause vibrations. If air gets trapped, it can make the noises louder. Fixing the air trap can solve this issue.

5- Seasonal Noise Change:

Some condos in Toronto use two types of fan coil systems: 2-pipe and 4-pipe systems. With 4-pipe systems, you might hear noises in the winter that you didn't hear in the summer. Replacing the heating side actuator can stop these clicking sounds.

6-Metal Expansion Noise from the HVAC Box:

You might hear a sound like metal creaking or expanding. This noise is often linked to temperature changes affecting the HVAC system's metal components. When the system turns on or off, the metal can expand or contract, causing these noises. While this noise can be annoying, it's generally not a serious problem and is often a natural result of temperature fluctuations.

7-Dripping Water Sound - A Potentially Serious Issue:

If you hear a consistent dripping water sound, it could indicate a more serious problem. This may suggest a water leak or drainage issue within the HVAC system. Leaking water can lead to damage and mold growth, making it important to address this issue promptly. Contacting a licensed technician at GTS services

It's really important to check and fix the problem quickly so that your condo stays safe and comfortable, and you avoid more damage.

It's important to regularly check your HVAC system to prevent problems.

For maintenance, troubleshooting, or any condo HVAC requirements, click here to get a free quote or schedule an appointment.

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FAQs: Understanding the Causes of In-Suite HVAC Noise

Q: Why is my condo's HVAC system making strange noises?

A: Strange HVAC noises can result from various factors such as stuck components, worn-out parts, trapped air in plumbing, or mechanical issues. The specific cause depends on your condo's unique HVAC system.

Q: How can I determine the source of the noise in my HVAC system?

A: Identifying the source of the noise often requires a professional inspection by a licensed HVAC technician who can assess the system's components and pinpoint the problem.

Q: Can HVAC noises in my condo vary with the seasons?

A: Yes, in condos with different fan coil systems, seasonal variations in noise can occur. For instance, you may notice noises during the winter that weren't present in the summer due to differences in how the system operates.

Q: How can I prevent HVAC problems in my condo?

A: Regular semi-annual HVAC maintenance is key to preventing issues from arising. Experienced HVAC experts can inspect your system, ensuring it functions properly and remains trouble-free in the future.

Q: What services can professionals provide for condo HVAC systems?

A: HVAC experts can offer a range of services, including troubleshooting, part replacement, retrofitting, removal, installation, annual maintenance, and inspections for high-rise condo buildings.

Q: How can I book an appointment for HVAC services in my condo?

A: You can schedule an appointment with HVAC professionals by clicking the provided link in the article, which will take you to an online booking platform. They will be happy to assist you and provide a free quote.

Q: Do HVAC professionals offer guarantees for their services?

A: Yes, many HVAC professionals guarantee their services for a specified period. In the case mentioned in the article, services are guaranteed for one year, giving you peace of mind.

Q: What can I do if I suspect trapped air in my plumbing is causing HVAC noise?

A: If you suspect trapped air in your plumbing system is the issue, consult a plumber to address the air trap problem and reduce the noise.

Q: Can noisy HVAC systems in condos cause other issues?

A: Yes, noisy HVAC systems can lead to discomfort, disrupted sleep, and even neighbor complaints. Addressing these issues promptly is essential for your quality of life in the condo.




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