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The Importance of Dryer Vent Cleaning: Protecting Your Building from Fire Risks

dryer vent cleaning in Toronto and gta

At GTS Services Today, we understand the importance of dryer vent cleaning for condos and multi-unit buildings. Our team of expert technicians provides professional and efficient services that protect residents, reduce fire risks, and enhance efficiency.

Don't neglect this vital investment for your building. Trust our professionals to get the job done right.

Contact us today to schedule your dryer vent cleaning and ensure the safety of your condominium.


If you don't regularly pay attention to your vents, it may be time to step back and reflect on the performance of your dryer.

  • Has it been taking longer and longer to dry your clothes?

  • Has the unit shut down prior to fully drying the clothes?

  • Have you been noticing higher-than-usual energy bills?

  • Is the top of the dryer hot to the touch?

  • Do you smell mold or mildew on your clothes?

All of these can be signs of a dryer in need of vent cleaning. Cleaning your dryer vent offers numerous advantages. It enhances efficiency, reduces fire hazards, extends dryer life, speeds up drying times, eliminates musty odors and mold issues, and saves energy. By maintaining a clean laundry system, you ensure optimal performance, safety, and cost-effectiveness in your laundry routine.

Why is it important to clean the dryer vents?

When you run your dryer many times, dirt, dust, and mold will build up in your dryer vent. These harmful substances may clog your dryer vents, causing a lot of problems. A clog in the dryer exhaust system can be the reason why your clothes are not dry or why they have a strange odor after repeated cycles. The dryer exhaust system becomes a hazard if clogged, so it’s important to have it cleaned regularly.

Before and After cleaning the dryer

Warning Signs That Your Dryer Vent Is Clogged

To begin, it’s important to point out that a dryer vent isn’t the same as a lint trap. The latter is something you would clean after every dry cycle. In comparison, you need to hire a company for the interior dryer and vents. With a dryer vent cleaning service, a qualified technician will remove any clogs.

Before going into the signs of having a clogged vent, note that this is one of the leading causes of house fires. As debris becomes hot, it can ignite. So, at least once a year, you should schedule a professional dryer duct cleaning.
  • Extended Dryer Times

  • Excess Lint Behind The Dryer

  • Moldy Smell

  • No Lint on The Lint Screen

  • Excess Lint or Pet Hair on Clothing

  • Unusually Hot Dryer and Clothing


We are here to Help

GTS Services specializes in cleaning interior dryer and dryer exhaust systems and more. Whether you’ve noticed any of these warning signs or it’s time for scheduled maintenance, give us a call. We guarantee you’ll have a positive experience with our dryer vent cleaning service.

Complete Interior Dryer/Dryer Exhaust System Cleaning and Maintenance Process by GTS Services :

1. Visual Inspection: Our service begins with a thorough visual inspection of your dryer vent system. An experienced technician carefully examines the system to identify any issues and recommend the best solutions for your specific problems.

2. Measurements: First, our qualified technicians need to accurately diagnose the overall condition of the system. This is determined by performing three thorough evaluations which include a transition dryer vent check, vent cover check, and airflow measurement To assess the severity of the blockage and other potential problems, we measure the airflow and back pressure in your dryer vent system. These measurements provide a better understanding of the issues at hand.

3. Debris & Clog Removal: Our team provides a thorough dryer vent cleaning. Complete satisfaction is guaranteed along with a complimentary cleaning of your dryer cabinet, lint trap, the surrounding area, and any other objects or materials that may be obstructing your dryer vent. We ensure that the vent is free from any blockages that could hinder proper airflow.

4. Line Sanitizing: In case we come across animal nests or other debris within the vent, we offer line sanitizing services. This process eliminates harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi that may be present in those areas, ensuring a healthier environment.

5. Booster Fan Cleaning: Your dryer includes a booster fan, we include the cleaning of the fan in our service. Annual cleaning of the booster fan, along with the rest of the dryer vent system, helps maintain its efficiency and performance. Our team will remove built-up lint and debris from the dryer fan components during our booster fan cleaning service to ensure that it is fully functioning. as well as inspect it for superior safety and efficiency.

6. Lint Screen Cleaning: While it's recommended to clean the lint screen by hand after each cycle, our dryer vent cleaning service includes a more thorough cleaning. By removing accumulated lint and debris from the lint screen, we enhance overall airflow and efficiency.

7. Vacuum and Brush the Dryer Duct: Using high-powered vacuums and vent brushes, we thoroughly clean the dryer duct from the dryer all the way to the exterior of the building. This step ensures the removal of lint, debris, and obstructions that may hinder proper ventilation.

8. Inspect and Repair the Dryer Vent System: During the cleaning process, we inspect the entire dryer vent system, including the flexible ductwork, for any damages, leaks, or potential issues. If necessary, we repair or replace any damaged components to restore optimal performance.

9. Reconnect and Test the Dryer Vent System: Once the cleaning and repairs are complete, we reconnect the dryer vent securely. We then perform a final test to ensure proper airflow and ventilation, confirming that the system is functioning effectively.

10. Regular Maintenance and Future Appointments: We recommend scheduling regular maintenance visits to keep your dryer vent system clean and functioning optimally. This helps prevent future lint buildup and potential issues, ensuring the safety and efficiency of your dryer.

It's important to note that professional assistance is highly recommended for dryer vent cleaning and maintenance, as it involves intricate procedures and specialized equipment to ensure thorough cleaning and safe operation.

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Save Time, Prevent a Fire, and Extend The Life of Your Dryer Contact Us!

Contact GTS Services for professional interior dryer/dryer exhaust system cleaning in Toronto and the GTA. Our experienced technicians will use advanced equipment to ensure your dryer works efficiently and reduces energy consumption.

Call us now for reliable and safe lint removal services. We are committed to preventing dryer fires and providing the high-quality service you deserve.

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FAQs about Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning : What You Need to Know

Q: What is professional dryer vent cleaning?

A: Professional dryer vent cleaning ensures a safer condominium environment while improving dryer efficiency and longevity. It can also save you money on utility bills by reducing drying time.

Q: How is the dryer vent cleaned professionally?

A: Professional cleaning methods involve using specialized rotary brushes that loosen and vacuum lint, dust, and debris from the entire vent. HEPA filtration ensures environmental safety during the process.

Q: What are signs that I need professional dryer vent cleaning?

A: Look out for clothes taking multiple cycles to dry, excessive heat during drying, lint accumulation, a humid/warm laundry room, musty-smelling clothes, longer drying times, and burnt odors in the laundry room.

Q: Can I clean my own dryer vent?

A: DIY cleaning is possible for short vents (four feet or less) using kits available at some home improvement stores. However, it's recommended to seek professional assistance to avoid complications or broken kits.

Q: How often should I clean my dryer ventilation system?

A: For condominium/high-rise dryers, it is recommended to clean the vent every two to three years.

Q: How long does a dryer vent cleaning take?

A: Typically, condominium dryer vent cleaning takes around forty-five minutes to an hour. Commercial properties may require more time depending on the number of vents and additional components to clean.

Q: Will my dryer vent flaps be cleaned during professional cleaning?

A: Yes, professional cleaning includes external vent cleaning, which involves cleaning the flaps. Additionally, inspections are conducted for mechanical and seal issues.

Q: Does dryer vent cleaning include installing a bird guard?

A: No, but professional services can install a bird guard for an additional fee if requested.

Q: How much does professional dryer vent cleaning typically cost?

A: The cost of professional dryer vent cleaning can vary depending on factors such as the size of the vent system, the complexity of the job, and the location.

Q: Where can I find reliable dryer vent cleaning services in Toronto and the surrounding areas?

A: GTS Services offers trusted residential and commercial dryer vent cleaning services in Toronto and GTA. Visit our website or contact us for more information.

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